SMALL CAPS is a multimedia chapbook series published by The Capilano Review featuring some of our favourite writers, artists, and musicians.

The titles below are now accessible in both EPUB and html formats free of charge. (Donations welcome!)

SMALL CAPS 4: Fables of a Bunk Future by Michael Loncaric, Michelle Helene Mackenzie and Justin Patterson  (epub)


Clearance Process by Jordan Scott (with an audio composition by Jason Starnes) (epub)

In April 2015, Jordan Scott spent five days touring the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. Clearance Process is a record of that time--a photo and audio essay that asks "How can we listen to redaction? How can we listen to entire systems of it?"

Alison Dean's "Penitent Spy," a companion essay, is available to read here.

A selection from Decomp (Coach House, 2013), a collaboration between Jordan Scott and Stephen Collis, appeared in The Capilano Review (3.16). Scott is also the author of Silt (New Star, 2005), which was nominated for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize, and Blert (MODL, 2008). Night & Ox is forthcoming in 2016 from 49th Shelf. He lives in Vancouver, BC.

Jason Starnes is a composer and critic living in East Vancouver.

prison industrial complex explodes by Mercedes Eng (epub)

Mercedes Eng’s other work has appeared in The Capilano Review (3.19; forthcoming in 3.28), West Coast Line, Canada and Beyond, and Geist. She is the author of Mercenary English (CUE Books), an exploration of the potential of documentary poetics.


Princess by Tim Terhaar (epub)

Tim Terhaar’s other work has appeared in The Capilano Review (3.16, 3.27), Gauss PDF, Journal for Critical Animal Studies, the Organism for Poetic Research’s PELT, and Tiny Mix Tapes. He lives in Tucson, AZ.